Warning! The latest build of Pissandshittium is somewhat broken.


The Browser that doesn't give a SHIT.

A Browser that doesn't care

At Pissandshittium, we don't care how you use your browser. Nor do we care about anything in this browser. We're adding whatever the FUCK we want to the browser and no one can stop it.

How did this start?

It started when someone brought up certain red browser in a popular YouTuber's Discord as a hot take. Then at that moment I decided to fork Chromium naming it "Pissandshittium" making it sound not too serious.
I am basically proving that even you can make your own web browser based on Chromium.


Disclaimer: This was written by Microsoft's Copilot. We don't actually do any of these and really we just think it's super funny.

Unrivaled Inefficiency

Our browser is guaranteed to use more system resources than any other browser on the market. Your computer didn’t need that RAM anyway, right?

Invasive Ads

Enjoy a browsing experience filled with so many ads, you’ll forget what you were originally searching for. Who doesn’t love a good pop-up ad now and then?

Lack of Privacy

Why browse anonymously when you can share your data with the world? We believe in open source, especially when it comes to your personal information.

Nonexistent Customer Support

Got a problem? Good luck with that! Our customer support team is as elusive as Bigfoot.

Frequent Crashes

Our browser crashes so often, it could be a feature in a demolition derby. But hey, everyone needs a break sometimes, right?

Slow Loading Times

Patience is a virtue, and our browser is here to teach you that. Watch as websites load slower than a snail racing through peanut butter.

Actual Features

Funny Strings

We're changing quite a few strings so it becomes a little funnier. Includes latest 21st century humours, privacy scandals, and more!

3 New Colors

Featuring Literal Shit, Piss off, and Who tf farted? These colours really compliments the Piss and shit in the name!

Google API?

Windows build have my Google API keys so you can still sign in. Not recommended though.

Easter Eggs

Hidden beneath the app are some easter eggs and reference to whatever I want to add. Expect a harmless surprise coming your way!

Open Source

We believe in open source software. So we're making changes visible to the public eye just like regular Chromium. If you don't believe in builds provided. Feel free to compile it yourself.

I don't know what I'm doing

Honestly, I just tried to fix bugs but the codebase was very unstable (the code is unstable by nature) but you'll get to try the latest Chrome feature!



Brodie Robertson

Pissandshittium is my new favorite browser now!u/FurryRevolution on Reddit
I like it. Sounds just like any other chromium based browser. Can't wait for Poopenfartenfox to be finished.u/Cylancer7253 on Reddit


Is this a virus?

No. It's a Chromium fork. It's also open source. You can compile it yourself if you want to.

Is this safe to use?

Yes, if you so desire to daily drive this browser. It's pretty much safe to use. But we don't recommend you use it as your main as it can be quite unstable.

How do I compile this thing?

Obtain Chromium source code using depot_tools, pull Pissandshittium's source code, and then compile it. It's that simple.

Do you plan to do this with Firefox?

Yes and it will be named Poopenfartenfox.


I would like to give all credits to The Chromium Project contributors for making the backbone of Google Chrome and whatever this is possible. Without them, this project wouldn't exist ever. I would also like to thank people in MMSI for words of (not so) encouragement and help with compilation on Linux.


The Chromium Project (duh)
HeroIcons for icons on features section.
Font Awesome Brand Icons for brand icons.
MMSI for build labs
Others for some feedback